Ethnoveterinary research @ Development

  • 1996 - 338 pages - 1 Volumes
  • Auteurs : Constance M. McCORKLE, Evelyn MATHIAS and Tjaart W. Schillhorn Van Veen
  • Edition : Intermediate technology publications
  • Collection : It studies in indigenous knowledge and development
  • Langues : Anglais

Description :

Livestock raisers and healers throughout the world have traditional ways of classifying and preventing or treating common animal diseases. Many of their « ethnoveterinary » practices offer viable alternatives to conventional Western-style veterinary medecine – especially where the latter is unavailable, unaffordable, unreliable, or inappropriate. This highly interdisciplinary and international volume provides a critico-analytic overview over the many facets and findings of ethnoveterinary research and development. From sociocultural, political-economic, and environmental as well as biomedical viewpoints, the book presents reviews and case studies of traditional veterinary knowledge andspan  /spanpractice, along with historical perspectives, theoretical discussions, and research methodologies. The 23 chapters span 10 major species of animal domesticates raised by more than 80 etnic groups in some 40 nations of Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas, covering nearly 100 diseases and more than 300 medicinal plants and other traditional emmateria medica/emspan style= »font-style: normal »span  /spanused to treat them./span/p p class= »MsoNormal » /p p class= »MsoNormal »The volume is designed to provide researchers, development professionals, and policymakers working in agricultural and rural development with insights, ideas, and approaches to the subject plus its practical applications in agriculture, environment, humain health, and still other sectors. At a larger level, the anthology exemplifies the many potential benefits, for people everywhere, of systematically studying and building upon such rich bodies of « ethnoscience » as that embodied in local/traditional veterinary medicine.span      /span/p