Plant conservation – an ecosystem approach

Description :

A comprehensive guide to plant conservation for the layperson and professional * Addresses major aspects of contemporary plant conservation, covering sociological, economic, and taxonomic viewpoints * Explores case study material from around the world: Pakistan, Malaysia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Nepal, and Kenya Despite a global proliferation of conservation projects, plant conservation remains an under-developed and under-resourced discipline. In this, the latest in the People and Plants series, plant conservation is described in the context of livelihoods and development, and ways of balancing the conservation of plant diversity with the use of plants and the environment for human benefit are discussed. A central focus of this book is the idea that local and tribal peoples must be involved if conservation is to be successful and resources are to be used sustainably. Also examined are the identification of priority plant species and localities for conservation projects, the trade in wild plants, and the contributions that are made by taxonomists, ecologists, and sociologists.

This book acts as a unifying volume for the series, integrating case studies and methodologies considered in previous volumes and pointing out in a comprehensive, accessible manner the valuable lessons to be learned.