The Incense Bible Plants Scents That Transcend World Culture, Medicine, and Spirituality

Description :

The incense bible is a comprehensive guide to the spiritual meaning of real, raw, natural incense and how to use it in prayer, meditation, health, or simply in creating a home environment to « reconnect » with divinity and nature. This unique book examines the spiritual and ritual uses of « pure » incense (not sticks, cones, or synthetic mixtures), explores our attraction to it, and explains how we can use it at home to increase wellness. Filled with easy-to-use references and easy-to-understand technical information, the book also looks at the use of incense in health and medicine, a history of its use in a variety of countries and cultures, and various types of raw incense, including eucalyptus, sandalwood, sweetgrass, agarwood, frankincense and myrrh.